Pinterest Traffic: How Many Pins Per Day? (Plus 1 Traffic Hack)

How many pins per day is best for Pinterest traffic

This is a common question I get a lot through emails.

“how many times per day I should be adding pins to Pinterest?”

It’s a valid concern.

That’s because your activity on Pinterest determines the amount of engagement and traffic you get to your blog or offer.

Consistent activity on your Pinterest account is a good indicator to the algorithm to continue showing your content and to keep sending it out in the smart feeds and search.

So how many times a day should you be pinning?

pinterest traffic tips

Well, first it really varies on where you’re at in your Pinterest marketing journey and the type of business that you are running.

When you’re just starting out, you should focus on 3-10 pins per day.

That’s it.

You probably heard some bloggers say, “You need to be putting a 50-100 times a day.”

Really? That’s insane!

Unless your Wayfair or Zulily, who have tons of images to share daily that’s a crazy volume for a beginner and even advanced Pinterest marketers.

Look, instead of volume you want to focus on quality, NOT quantity. That rule applies to any social media platform and even SEO.

As a brand new Pinterest marketer pinning 50-100 times per day is going to overwhelm you.

And it’s actually going to cause you to just completely give up because it’s so intimidating and frustrating.

It’s a lot easier to focus pinning 3-10 pins per day and get REALLY good at the process.

Such as:

  • Figuring how to efficiently create high quality pins
  • What type of design works best for your business
  • The best time to post
  • What type of content your Pinterest audience loves

You need to get all that ironed out first before you can start pinning at huge volumes.

Once you get good at that, how many pins should you be pinning per day?

Again, it depends on your business. For the authority blogs that I run, I never pin more than 10 times per day even on one account that gets 7-10+ million monthly viewers.

Have you ever heard of Pin Fatigue?

Well, probably not because I made up that term.

But it’s a thing.

Bombarding your followers with too much will result in them tuning you out just like banner ad blindness.

On the other hand, if you run a eCommerce business that have tons of products images then pinning up to 15-20 times per day is the sweet spot.

But I would never in a million years recommend a business to pin 50-100 times per day!

Unless you are Amazon.

Don’t forget to track your results

You must track your results in the analytics to see which pinning volume works for your business. Look at the data and see if 5, 10 or 20 pins per day works.

“Follow that data and you can never go wrong.”

Another thing is that your results depend on your niche.

Pinterest has a wide variety of different niches and audiences, some small and some huge.

For example, the audience for The Active Sprout is content marketing and blogging. It’s a smaller audience on the Pinterest platform.

Therefore, for my content and pinning volume, I’m tapped out.

But if you are creating content about fitness, nutrition, fashion, clothing, beauty, hair and makeup, you’re going to have a much larger audience and you may need to be pinning more pins per day.

You may be able to get up to that 30 pins per day, but I would stay around the 10 to 20 pins per day range.

I think you’re going to be really safe sticking within that range after you’ve gotten comfortable with 10 pins per day.

This is so much easier than you think a lot of people freak out and they’re like, “how am I supposed to pin 50 pins per day?” That’s so impossible.

It’s totally ridiculous.

Even if you’re using a pin scheduling tool like Tailwind, it’s going to be a nightmare to post 50-100 times per day.

1 Simple Hack To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Struggling to get clicks on your Pinterest pins? Use this one simple hack to get more clicks.

If you’re seeing a lot of saves, but not many clicks you need to implement a really simple change that skyrockets your click-throughs.

You’re going to be surprised at how easy this is.

Now, when you are writing your pin descriptions for your pin images you need to be strategic.

You can’t just throw out a random description.

Apart from the adding keywords to your title and description there’s something that can move the traffic needle.

That other thing that you need to include in your pin descriptions is a call to action.

I know, I know it is not some ground-breaking tactic but it’s really effective.

This is something that people forget all the time and it’s so simple. If people are interested in your content, telling them to click through will make a BIG difference.

Yes, it sounds simple and silly, but IT WORKS!

It can be a few simple words. At the end of your description you could say:

  • Read more
  • Click here to learn more
  • Go checkout the post
  • Download the guide (if you’re sending traffic to a landing page)

People are okay with you telling them what to do.

So, don’t be shy about it.

The Verdict

If you’re a beginner start with 10 Pins per day, and then I want you to work up from there to about 20 pins per day ONLY if you can sustain that volume.

But once you get to that 20-point start playing around with numbers, if you use a tool like Tailwind, it will actually give you some great data and great analytics so you can test this and see what’s working for you.

If you want to try a free trial of Tailwind. Get the free trial and test this out for yourself and your own business.

Personally, I’m a big fan of manually pinning because it shows the algorithm that I’m a human using the platform. Never fully depend on automating pins, at some point it’s going to come off as unnatural.

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