About TAS

Hi, my name Mario Gordon and I’m the guy behind TheActiveSprout.

When I was college, I was obsessed the possibility of making a full-time living online.

I actually dreaded the thought of working for someone else, giving them all the best years of my life. Because of that, I dived into the digital marketing world.

But as with 95% of beginners, I was all over the place. I had no sense of direction.

The thing is, there several ways to make a full-time living online and I tried all them. I didn’t give any method enough time to work because I wasn’t in it for the long-haul.

That level of impatience cost me. As a result, I wasted almost 10 years because of the “shiny object” syndrome.


Something changed in late 2016.

I figured out why I wasn’t getting any results. And obviously, it was a lack of focus.

So, I decided to man-up and focus on 1 thing.

And that was Blogging!

Because of that, I was able to grow a brand-new blog to 6-figures in just 1 year.

The blog generated income from Ads, Affiliate Marketing and selling our own products (My favorite).

Because of being laser-focused, I learned a TON of about starting and growing a successful blog.

And I want to share that with you.

Thats why I created a free blogging crash course for beginners. You can watch the video tutorials here on my YouTube channel.

In the video below, I give a breakdown of the blog earnings since launching in 2017.

So, What’s The Goal Of TheActiveSprout?

To help new bloggers achieve their dream of generating a full-time income online. Mistakes are costly, and I have made a TON of them.

But you can avoid those same mistakes by APPLYING what you will be learning on this blog.

Here are the main topics I will covering:

  • Getting traffic to your blog
  • Monetizing that traffic the RIGHT way
  • Scaling your blog revenue

I will be putting out at least 1-2 pieces of in-depth content every week on this blog and my Youtube channel.

So, stay tuned.